About Titan Atlas Global

Titan Atlas Global Has Revolutionized Construction.

Welcome to the future building solution that costs less than traditional construction! TAG is owned and managed by a group of third generation builders, developers and entrepreneurs.

Responding to the global demand for housing that is affordable, ultra durable, quick to manufacture and easy to assemble TAG's founders analyzed over 500 building materials, components, and worldwide systems, and consolidated the best into a low-cost, high-quality, durable and efficient building solution and construction process.

The TAG construction system vastly exceeds traditional building technologies and meets the most stringent worldwide standards including the International Building Code (IBC) . TAG products, homes, and building projects have been successfully completed in 52 countries.

TAG Kits and construction products are manufactured to order in a 158,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

TAG’s plant is strategically located in a free trade zone for international port shipping. Charleston is the United States’ fourth busiest port, moving more than $25 billion in cargo annually and offering direct service to more than 140 port cities around the world.

Titan Atlas Global has developed the building products, the construction techniques and process, and the manufacturing capacity to positively meet the challenge of building high-quality, disaster-resistant, energy-efficient buildings at an affordable price.

Vertical Integration of the World’s Best Construction Technologies

Drawing on decades of global building experience with nearly one-thousand developments, TAG integrated the world’s best technologies with proprietary TAG inventions to create a true global housing solution. TAG then vertically integrated manufacturing and supply process to control quality and eliminate or reduce traditional markups and costs.

The TAG Kit™ delivers an affordable world class construction product. TAG Kits™ are assembled at the building site quickly, without specialized heavy equipment, or labor - significantly reducing costs and risks.

Because of TAG's highly advanced process we can deliver a single home or 10,000 homes very quickly, customized to your needs and budget. TAG provides complete solutions for housing, apartments, and commercial/industrial buildings.

TAG's integration of the design-build-manufacture-assemble process eliminates markups, waste, middlemen and reduces costs.

Finally, a high-quality sustainable building solution that can be delivered in high volume, quickly and affordably!

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Titan Atlas Global is to manufacture and supply the planet’s strongest and most cost efficient homes and buildings.

TAG is committed to bringing together the best of the world's technologies into a low-cost, high-quality, construction process and product. Regardless of design, which may vary worldwide, TAG seeks to provide high-quality homes and buildings that provide pride of ownership and long term value for generations.

TAG homes and buildings are designed to improve the quality of life. We believe a high quality home is the foundation for many of life’s greatest joys – like family. And that your office should reflect the care and commitment you give to your work.