TAG Products

Monolithic Strength

TAG sustainable homes and buildings improve the quality of life by creating a healthier living and working environment - stronger, safer and at a lower cost.

  • Constructed with proprietary TAG Structural Panels comprised of a formless galvanized steel closed foam insulated panel system.
  • Overlayed with high -psi fiber-reinforced concrete.
  • Withstands sustained force winds over 300 mph (the strongest recorded gust is 231 mph).
  • Fire Rating – Class A.
  • Earthquake Rating – Zone 5.
  • Hurricane Rating – Category 5/ Tornadoes F4.

Higher Quality of Life

TAG is committed to building living and working environments that improve your quality of life.

  • Versatile TAG Kit™ brings efficient design and quality to all regions and budgets.
  • Ultra-resistant to mold, leaks and decay- (no wood)
  • No joints, seams, or gaps- (monolithic)
  • Solid construction leaves no place for rodents or insects
  • Sound Attenuation – S.T.C -48 - Peace and quiet
  • 88%+ UV reflection- Keep the heat out!
  • Thermally efficient and impact resistant windows.

Upfront & Lifetime Cost Savings

Building with TAG means cost savings you can measure.

TAG’s vertically integrated manufacturing-supply process has lower upfront costs than traditional construction.

  • TAG Panels serve as structural support - lower foundation and structural costs.
  • Assemble with no heavy machinery - lower construction cost.
  • No specialized labor - lower construction cost.
  • TAG is the complete material and logistical partner - lower construction cost.
  • Built very quickly - lower construction cost.

TAG homes and buildings are ultra-efficient structures, designed to save precious resources and lower lifetime maintenance and energy costs.

TAG structures average 60% less electricity use per square foot compared to traditional US buildings, even greater in some regions.

  • Monolithic thermal insulating envelope equals low heating and cooling energy consumption.
  • Virtually no ongoing maintenance costs or structural repairs.
  • Surpasses IBC for wind, hurricane, fire, earthquake resulting in low insurance cost.