Other TAG Products

Countertops, Sinks, Shower Basins

TAG manufactures and produces a wide range of concrete countertops. We have dozens of colors, faux-marbles, and faux-granites. The countertops may be integrated with sinks, as well as shower basins. TAG utilizes proprietary methods and technology incorporating TAG Fiber for additional strength. This is a good example of how TAG offers superior products to you at a significant cost saving.

Stamping and Staining

TAG can stamp and stain all of the concrete surfaces of the house - the floors, the exterior or interior walls, or the roof.

On the exterior TAG can replicate brick or natural stone in any color. On the roof TAG can replicate Spanish tiles, wood shingle, or a metal roof design. On the interior floors TAG stamp the floors to look like wood, premium tiles, or any color and texture combination you desire.

Welded Wire Mesh

An integral part of the TAG Panel is the wire mesh. The primary purpose of the mesh and triangulated truss system is to distribute the load forces on your home or building. This is one of the key ingredients to the superior strength of TAG. TAG mesh is also employed for reinforcing, splice, corner, and rooftop mesh, which further strengthens the TAG KitTM and the completed TAG house.

TAG can produce welded wire mesh fabric in a variety of different configurations and strengths based on wire diameter, horizontal and vertical spacing, roll width and roll length, using both galvanized and bright wire.

TAG Blast

Bullet and Blast resistant panels can be provided for any building where security, fire safety and exceptional protection from the elements or threat are called for. This super high strength finish has been developed in partnership with industry leaders using high strength concrete mixes. Special uses include;

  • Safe rooms
  • Shelters for chemical plants
  • Shelters for the Oil and Gas industry
  • Protective walls for military compounds
  • Oil and Gas pipeline covers

TAG Barrier

The TAG panel has been approved by multiple US states for use as sound walls on interstate highways and other roads. TAG's system has cost and structural advantages over competing systems especially tilt up concrete panels. Using TAG's more efficient system also reduces road shut-down time and labor expense.

TAG's Cast Panel Process

TAg's manufacturing facility has the ability to produce a range of semi-cast or fully cast panel products. Our factory is equipped with the necessary silos, batching and mixing equipment to produce different mixes for different applications. The plant has two (2) bridge cranes (5 ton capacity each) to move the finished product.