TAG Services

The World’s Most Efficient Construction System

Titan Atlas Global has established a new and higher standard of efficiency in modern construction.

Responding to the global demand for housing that is low-cost, high-quality, ultra durable, fast to produce and construct, TAG analyzed over 500 building components, products and methods to create the world’s most efficient construction system.

TAG efficiency is comprehensive. From design to finished home, no time, no material, and no money is wasted at any stage of execution.

Construction Features

  • No specialized labor
  • No heavy construction equipment
  • Single secure supply delivery
  • Easy to follow construction sequences and manuals

Precision in Production, Accuracy in Assembly

TAG Homes and buildings are strong, durable, energy efficient and low maintenance.

TAG manufactures its' proprietary TAG Panels to precise tolerances at our automated plant in Charleston, SC. TAG’s precision makes it easy for the construction partner to assemble the home or building with accuracy and speed. There are no mistakes in the manufacturing; no mistakes in the assembly; no wasted materials or effort.

To maximize construction efficiency Titan Atlas Global uses proprietary software to plan daily construction schedules. We liken our design-build process to a symphony – an exquisitely complex combination of the best performers working in precise harmony. You may miss the nuances of the performance, but you will appreciate the end result.

TAG Financing

From single family homes to $500 million projects, TAG can facilitate financing in both the USA and internationally.