Buyers save time and money by choosing TAG’s proven efficient designs. These include single story homes, duplexes, townhomes and apartments of up to six stories. The designs and building plans range from traditional to contemporary. All designs feature energy and use efficiency, TAG’s disaster-resistant construction, and are compliant with the International Building Code. All of TAG’s designs can be customized to individual tastes and needs.

Commercial Options

  • More than 150 plans to choose from.
  • Panels are the supporting structural elements eliminating costly columns and beams.
  • Formless, insulated, steel reinforced concrete construction means commercial quality at low cost.
  • Domes, cantilevers, large span roofs without additional internal support.
  • Radiant heating easily integrated for warehouses and big box commercial construction.
  • Surpass IBC for earthquake, fire, hurricane.
  • Strength and flexibility adapt to a multitude of project uses:
    • Sound Walls- freeways, highways, development barriers,
    • Municipal Buildings- schools, libraries, government services,
    • Medical Buildings from clinics to hospitals,
    • Military Bases, speed and efficiency with durable efficiency,
    • Offices,
    • Prisons (multiple constructed),
    • Seawalls and walkways- TAG proprietary cementitious coatings can be made WITH salt water,
    • Storage Units- insulation is included at no additional cost.

Residential Options

  • Basic to Luxury.
  • Classic to Contemporary.
  • Simple to Complex.
  • Duplex, townhomes, apartment buildings.
  • Apartments up to 6 stories with no additional structural reinforcement. 20+ Story buildings with additional steel or concrete columns.