Logistical Solutions For Developing Regions

TAG Kits™ provide complete housing and construction solutions for regions with limited supply of building materials, heavy construction equipment, or specialized labor. TAG Kits™ solve these challenges by including every material and product necessary to assemble a finished home or building.

Whether you are building in a remote rural region or an urban city site, TAG Kits™ are delivered in a secure, standard ISO shipping container. In this manner TAG eliminates the challenge of traditional construction that relies on multiple vendors, deliveries, sub-contractors and schedules. TAG streamlines the logistical challenges inherent in building.

TAG has optimized the materials sourcing and purchasing process by aggregating the world’s best building products and packaging them into our TAG Kit™. Each TAG Kit™ contains all products necessary to construct a finished home. "Turn-key" has never been more so.

TAG Kits™ are packed sequentially so assembly on site is easy and accurate with no wasted materials. On average, it takes 10 non-skilled workers 18 days to assemble a 1,000 square foot (95 M2) home with no specialized equipment. If powered equipment is available the process can be completed even faster!