The Complete Housing Solution. A 100% Solution built to your needs, specifications and time schedule.

Your TAG Kit™ contains 100% of the materials needed to assemble your home, apartment or commercial building, including any custom components your design or structure requires.

TAG's dedicated team of US nationally certified architects and structural engineers work directly with you to custom create your TAG Kit™ home or building. TAG Kits™ are incredibly versatile and can be designed as basic single family homes to complex, sprawling commercial buildings.

Simple to complex, affordable to ultra-luxury, traditional to modern - the TAG design system does it all. And it does it better.

TAG is approved for use in the strictest code areas in the United States, including Miami Dade County. All TAG components are ICS, and International Building Code compliant. TAG provides full support to each client individually to meet all international and local building codes and requirements before final construction approval.

It’s All here, Ready to Assemble. Every TAG Kit Includes:

  • Wall panels - Ceiling panels - Roof panels - All structural elements
  • All flooring
  • All plumbing - piping, sinks toilets, showers, water heater, and fixtures
  • All HVAC
  • All Wiring and Electrical, including cable and phone
  • All foundation materials and structural reinforcement
  • All appliances - stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer.
  • All doors and windows
  • All cabinets countertops and vanities
  • All lighting, interior and exterior
  • Concrete Additives - waterproofing, reinforcement fiber, and color
  • Energy Supply - Solar Panels, Wind Turbine, Generator
  • Assembly Manual, and Construction Drawings
  • TAG's owner support and warranty

Lifetime Cost-Savings

Building with TAG means cost savings you can measure. TAG’s custom-designed or TAG Kit™ homes and buildings have a lower upfront cost than traditional construction and materials. By vertically integrating the manufacturing and supply process TAG reduces markups, waste and redundant costs - savings that flow through to you. TAG homes and buildings are ultra-energy efficient structures, averaging 60% less electricity use per square foot compared to traditional US buildings. TAG structures are designed to achieve the lowest possible maintenance and insurance costs -- both very meaningful savings for building and homeowners. Lower energy, less maintenance, and reduced insurance means lower lifetime costs.

Turn-key Assembly

TAG Kits™ are delivered ready-to-assemble in secure ISO shipping container.

  • No specialized heavy machinery, no cranes, or specialized labor required for assembly.
  • Lightweight panels – pre-engineered and easy to assemble on jobsite.
  • Average of 10 workers 16 days to assemble a 1,000 sq. ft. structure.
  • Direct delivery in ISO shipping container.
  • Creates local jobs.