TAG Panel

TAG Structural Panels – Our Core of Strength.

TAG’s revolutionary strength begins with its proprietary engineered insulated steel-reinforced structural panel. Our patented TAG Panel consists of an EPS core set between steel wire welded mesh fabric. Joined by a galvanized steel truss system, and welded through the EPS core.

The truss system creates a three-dimensional distribution of loads and stresses equally across the entire structure. TAG’s steel truss system makes it possible to build multiple stories and complex designs without additional support elements. Not only is a TAG building stronger than traditional wood frame, but it costs significantly less and goes up much faster.

Fiber-Coated, Titanium-Sealed

TAG Structural Panels are encased with our proprietary fiber-reinforced concrete (TAG Fiber™). All surfaces are sealed with our proprietary water-proofing additive (TAG Watertight™). In the final phase, the building's surfaces are finished with the world’s strongest titanium-based elastomeric coating. The result is a monolithic structure.

TAG buildings have no joints and no natural fault-lines. They feature a continuous structural shell that the forces of nature cannot breach.

Monolithic Strength

TAG Structural Panels surpass all IBC requirements and are virtually hurricane, earthquake and fire-proof. Recent tests demonstrate TAG Panel walls to withstand sustained winds of over 300 mph (the strongest gust ever recorded was 231 mph).

The strength of TAG Structural Panels allow designs of virtually any configuration and dimension. Because of their inherent design flexibility, TAG panels have been used for large commercial buildings, hotels, apartments, condominiums, luxury custom homes, large-scale government buildings, blast-proof military bases, and secure prisons.