Complete Efficiency for Lifetime Savings

Increase Quality, Decrease Cost, Optimize Efficiency

Titan Atlas Global’s mission is to use best technologies and innovations to improve your quality of life. Our design-build process utilizes the world’s most innovative building technologies to provide more safety, security, cost savings, and energy efficiency than traditional construction.

Cost Savings From Investment to Maintenance

TAG is the direct manufacturer and supplier of virtually every component included in TAG Kits™. TAG’s vertically-integrated building process eliminates the mark-ups in the multi-level traditional building supply chain of manufacturers, distributors, general contractors & sub contractors. All cost-savings are passed through to the buyer. This is why TAG is the best value.

TAG’s Vertically Integrated Building Process

  • TAG is the sole supplier - one stop, one responsible party.
  • Ships within days - no delays.
  • One logistical delivery.
  • No cost overruns.
  • No document or coordination issues.
  • No middlemen markups from distributors, subcontractors and general contractors.
  • No surprises that cost you money!

TAG's Monolithic Structure Saves Energy Costs

  • 60% lower power usage than average US homes or buildings.
  • No thermal bridges.
  • Insulation exceeds R-value rating.
  • 88%+ UV reflection.


TAG panels serve as structural elements, eliminating the need for external supports. TAG panels are several times stronger than traditional building methods. This saves on foundation costs as well as construction time and cost.

TAG Panels can be manufactured to fit virtually any dimensional requirement. Individual TAG Panels can be up to 40 tall.

TAG designs dramatically reduce construction costs for sprawling or complex structures.They can be made as curves, domes, angles or cantilevers. The more ambitious your design, the more TAG construction saves.


TAG Panels are custom manufactured to meet the country-specific building codes. TAG components are ICS and IBC certified and compliant. Currently TAG products are approved in 32 countries.

  • Ultra-efficient production line.
  • Precisely machined products.
  • TAG can manufacture up to 12,000 homes annually.
  • Fully warranted.
  • The efficiency and volume of TAG's manufacturing reduces our costs and yours.