Why Titan Atlas Global?

The Challenge

The world's population is growing. It is growing fastest in emerging economies. It is also urbanizing. All this means unprecedented demand for quality housing in many regions.

The UN estimates a current housing deficit of 100,000,000 units worldwide. Other studies predict the housing deficit grows by 96,000 units daily. With little heavy construction equipment, little specialized labor and limited access to building supplies, how can the huge and growing global demand for housing that is affordable, environmentally sustainable, durable and energy- efficient ever be addressed?

Clearly, a new and innovative approach is necessary.

The Titan Atlas Global Solution

Titan Atlas Global integrated the world’s best building products and construction systems with TAG's proprietary innovations and created a complete building solution. The TAG Kit™ answers the global challenge with a unique and elegant solution.

The TAG Kit™ begins with a superior structural product - proprietary structural panels that are light, easy to assemble and when finished are many times stronger than traditional construction. They are easy to transport, quick to assemble and ultra-durable. This innovation alone would have been a major step forward in the evolution of quality building.

The TAG Kit™ then added multiple additional innovations to create a home that is disaster-resistant, providing protection from hurricane, fire and earthquake. For much of the world, this offers a vast improvement in life quality.

TAG increased the value of its Kits™ further with superior windows, doors and low energy appliances - all designed to further improve living standards.

Finally, TAG innovated and invested in an integrated manufacturing facility that significantly reduces the costs of the TAG Kits™ and products.

Meeting the global challenge of a poverty-inducing growing housing deficit required a bold and innovative approach to building products, manufacturing and construction. It took TAG.